Interfaith Discussion Series

To hear the presentations given by any of the speakers in our recent interfaith discussion series, please click on the links below!


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Date Speaker Topic
February 17 Interfaith Panel

1. Prepared Questions

2. Questions from the Audience

February 10 Sozan Peter Schellin-sensei

1. Zen Buddhism

2. Question/Answer Session

February 3 Naiyerah Kolkailah

1. Mary in the Qur'an (Islam)

2. Question/Answer Session

January 27 Dr. Deborah Wilhelm

1. Women in the Catholic Church (Roman Catholicism)

2. Question/Answer Session

January 20 Rabbi Linda Bertenthal

1. Torah and Written Tradition (Judaism)

2. Question/Answer Session

January 13 Dr. Stephen Lloyd-Moffett

1. Filioque Crisis (Orthodox Christianity)

2. Question/Answer Session

January 6 Tony Criscuolo

1. Vedic Writings (Hinduism)

2. Question/Answer Session